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Sun Lutang (1860-1933)


...of my story.

Born in 1978, I became interested in martial arts at the age of 19 when I started Kung-Fu in a traditional school in Avignon, after an important sporting career.

Recognized for being one of the few to provide Taoist teaching in France, she will also offer me the basics of Chinese medicine, and access to Qigong氣功, au feng shui風水, or au Yijing易經 and meditation. After studying several martial traditions, I decided in 2004 to focus on the lineage of the master Sun Lutang孫祿堂, known for   group together 3 different styles of Kung-Fu: theXing Yi Quan形意拳, theBagua Zhang八卦掌 and theTaijiquan太極拳. During my first trip to China, in 2007 I became a disciple of the masterDeng Fu Ming  邓福明, thus integrating me into the 4th generation of this tradition.

Continuing my studies by obtaining the three state diplomas (DEJEPS) in these disciplines, I deepened my knowledge by joining a school of Chinese medicine (SFERE) for which I will be a trainer in therapeutic Qigong.

As part of the federal authorities, I also hold a 6th Duan black belt, thus placing me among the "national experts" and high-ranking officers. I   live in Haute-Savoie in the Annecy region, where I offer my weekly courses and my monthly training at the center called "les Sources", in Giez, when I am not in China or Taiwan to continue to train me.

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Gilles Rio and Deng Fu Ming



With my background, my many trips to Asia, and my love of knowledge, I try to transmit my arts while respecting my tradition and the tools I have received.


In weekly classes or in training for already established teachers of Qigong and Kung-Fu, I am committed to accurately transmitting and making known ancient Chinese culture. 


Individually, I also offer you my care and support using the many health tools offered by the Chinese tradition.

Vision and pedagogy

If the martial art is a powerful and effective means of defense, it is also an excellent way to maintain your health, your mobility, and to get to know yourself. It is a formidable tool of self-control, which Chinese philosophy has slowly infused.


Whether for martial arts or Qigong, my vision is to transmit a legacy faithful to the teaching I received from my own teachers, in the perspective of defense, health, and self-understanding. and others.

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